In The Shadow of the Bull (Bonus Edition)

David Lowery

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In the Shadow of the Bull David Lowery

This is the first installment of a multi-disc musical autobiography. I do this not so much to tell my own story but rather to pay tribute to my mother, father, sisters, family, friends, and those who have shared their lives with me.Please do not make copies or upload to SoundCloud YouTube, etc. Think small. Ubiquity is overrated. credits released June 21, 2020

Songs 1. Frozen Sea, 1963 2. Plaza de Toros, 1967 3. Super Bloom, 1973 4. Disneyland Jail, 1977 5. Mom, I’m Living the Life, 1981 6. Mexican Chickens,1989 7. Yonder Distant Shore, 2010 8. Everybody Get a Fucking Day Job, 2020 (Bonus Track)

© 2019-2020 David Lowery All songs written by David Lowery All songs Bicycle Spaniard Music (BMI) Produced by David Lowery and Drew Vandenberg Executive Producer Velena Vego

Recorded mostly at home Mixed at Chase Park Transduction, Athens GA Mastered by Jason NeSmith

Bass Guitar: Bryan Howard Castanets and Handclaps: Velena Vego Vocals, Harmonica,Guitars and Banjo: David Lowery Violins: Luke Moller

Management: Velena Vego, Velena Vego Management velenavego < at> gmail dot com Agent: Jerry Lima Paradigm Agency Jerry madison-house dot com pitch-a-tent records, PO Box 655 Athens GA 30603 license all rights reserved

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