David Lowery 60th Birthday Live Stream Sept 10 9:00 PM EDT

Hello friends Just a quick note to let you know that David will be celebrating his 60th birthday by doing a Facebook live stream concert. 9:00 PM Eastern Sept 10th The link is here https://www.facebook.com/DavidLoweryMusic/live/ For those of you not on facebook we will embed the stream also at Crackersou.com CamperVanBeethoven.com and DavidLoweryMusic.com. The show is free but tips are appreciated. You can tip with Paypal: pitchatentrecords(at)gmail(dot)com or Venmo: @davidclowery See you then! Velena

Click here for videos on Facebook.   Click on thumbnail for YouTube.


David Lowery 60th Birthday Livestream parts 1 and 2