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Title: Live in Madrid

Artist: Cracker

Catalog number PAT-2022-01

Cracker live at Teatro Lara in Madrid Spain, November 30th 2021.

Recorded by Jose Lanot.

Concert tour arranged by David Jimenez-Zumalacarregui at  Heart of Gold Spain.

Mixed by Sloan Simpson Mastered by David Lowery


1. Seven Days (Hickman/Lowery/Rupersberg)

 2. Teen Angst (Faragher/Hickman/Lowery)

3. 100 Flower Power Maximum (Hickman/Lowery/Rupersberg)

4. Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey (Funaro/Hickman/Lowery/Maida)

5. Waiting For You Girl (Hickman/Lowery)

6. Hey Brett You Know What Time It Is (Funaro/Hickman/Lowery/Maida)

7. The World Is Mine (Hickman/Lowery)

8. I Want Everything (Faragher/Hickman/Lowery)

9. Sweet Thistle Pie (Hickman/Lowery)

10. Movie Star (Faragher/Lowery/Hickman)

11. Don't Fuck Me Up With Peace And Love (Faragher/Lowery/Hickman)

12. Show Me How This Thing Works (Funaro/Hickman/Lowery/Maida)

13. Time Machine (Funaro/Hickman/Lowery/Maida)

14. Low (Faragher/Hickman/Lowery)

15. Dr. Bernice (Faragher/Hickman/Lowery)

16. Another Song About the Rain (Hickman/LeRoy)

All songs published by Biscuits and Gravy/Warner Chappell (BMI) Except: 4,5,6,7,12,13 Bicycle Spaniard/Bad Alter Boy (BMI)

Johnny Hickman: Guitars and backing vocals, vocals on 16

David Lowery: Guitars and vocals

Bryan Howard: Bass and backing vocals

Carlton Owens: Drums

Global Management: Velena Vego Management.

Agent North America: Jerry Lima at Madison House

Agent UK/EU/AUS: David Jimenez-Zumalacarregui at Heart of Gold

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